Saturday, September 23, 2017

Quick thoughts on The Last Kingdom season 1

Seen first season of The Last Kingdom today and I still don't like Uhtred, I find him to be an egotistical asshole who do before he thinks!

I was curious about the relationship between him and Brida so I of course googled and got some information from the books and some from newer seasons. Clearly people find her a sociopath who deserves everything that happens to her, she's unstable and yadayada.

So, I haven't read the books so maybe people who has find her more off her rockers but from what I have seen from season 1 I can understand her decisions and feelings. I mean, we see EVERYTHING from Uhtred's perspective and it goes quite some time between the times that we meet her again, we know nothing about what she's been through, her feelings and thoughts so maybe they're just as valid as Uhtred's? We only see one perspective in this war. Can't really call a person a sociopath and bat shit crazy when they're dedicated to something but just happens to be on the other side of the storyteller's position.

To be fair. I find Uhtred boring as shit, he's just an entitled asshole who goes through women like they're some prop next to him. Not that surprising that it's a man that wrote the books though...

Honestly, I would have loved to follow both Brida and Thyra's stories. What happened to them? What have they been through? What's going on their minds? But nah, let's follow this shitty dude who just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Still going to watch season 2 whenever Netflix can be arsed to pick that up.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A dialogue on When Calls the Heart that is troublesome

I will start this blog post by saying that I know that the TV series When Calls the Heart is set in early 20th century before women's vote and all that so I don't expect them all to be feminists on the barricades but... there was a dialogue in season 2 episode 8 which I want to bring up here.

Elisabeth sits by the piano with her friend Charles who, pretty clearly, wants her to be more than friends with her, despite the fact he knows she got something brewing with another man. Her sister said earlier that she needs to stop leading him on if she doesn't want him. He speaks about visiting her and she decides to have a serious talk.

The troublesome conversation:
Elisabeth: Charles. You know how I adore you. You've been a lifelong friend to me and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you but I can't let this continue any longer.
Charles: What do you mean?
E: I've enjoyed every moment we've spent together but this isn't fair to you. You deserve better than this.
C: Elisabeth. I know you believe you're doing the right thing and if the situation were reverse I'd be telling you exactly what you're telling me.
E: Thank you for being so understanding.
C: But as someone who sees you as possibly more than a friend I feel I have to be the one to make the decision as to when it's time for me to consider other options.
E: I don't want to argue.
C: Then... don't.
The problematic part about this conversation is that he doesn't accept her no, that she's not interested. He basically says that no matter what she feels he won't stop trying until HE decides so, which is very disrespectful.

I'm so tired of seeing stuff like this in TV shows! That and women saying no, no, no and then they're kissed anyway and then start kissing the guy back. It teaches both boys and girls that a woman's no isn't really a no - just continue because she she really want you, she's just playing hard to get. Or, even if she tells you to back off, continue because she'll come around in the end anyway.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Orange [anime]

I felt I needed an anime in life again to binge so I scoured the internet for something fitting (high school and romance, my go-to genres in anime) and found Orange. I read a bit about it and found it interesting but kept on searching because I wasn't sure this was what I wanted to watch, but after some search I came back to it and decided to watch the opening.

That's btw how I always do it, I first read the plot and then watch the opening and if it's still interesting I give ep1 a go.

I like the design of the characters and I found them intriguing from the opening so I thought why not and started watching. This is a very calm and mellow series, the real pay off isn't until the last three episodes which makes sense with this kind of story-telling (without saying too much) but it's truly worth watching it all. It did however frustrate me a lot sometimes because Naho is such a scurdy cat, to the extreme.

All in all I really liked this show, it had an interesting message. It shows how important things you barely notice or don't think will make a difference can be to someone, how you can change someone's life by being there and truly seeing them, listening.

Unfortunately despite it's strong message and pretty good storytelling it might slip away in my mind in a few months, because it wasn't remarkable like for example Angel Beats! (seriously watch that one) but I don't think it deserves to be forgotten. Definitely four out five stars I say! Can't even pinpoint what would make it a five star.

Favourite character:
Suwa, no words needed, watch and you'll see.

Favourite scene:
When they all carry the mattress, maybe a bit heavy on the metaphor but I don't mind, I thought it was a smart scene.

Thing I wish happened:
Someone getting a punch on the nose, no names mentioned.

Heartbreaking scene:
All of episode 12

I think the pay off for me was when we got to see the other past, how it went down "the first time" and it was heartbreaking, it showed what reaching out a hand can do - how it can be the difference between happiness and misery, life and death. Breaking barriers and masks are important because you cannot always tell what is going on with someone, underneath.

Though personally I don't find N and K to be a good couple, I feel he take more than he give. To be fair though we did mostly see him the slumps, maybe he's a better partner when he feels better but despite that I feel like he takes advantage of N's kindness too much. I believe S and N is a better couple, he's just attentive as she is and more stable and gentle, which I think is something she needs considering how high strung she is and how she erases herself in favour of others. I think S and N complement each other better so it was nice to see a future with them, even though it seemed N only believed himself to be second choice and really, the only choice, because K was dead and not chosen on his own true merit - that must be an awful feeling.

I'm glad though that we didn't get to see this new future, not see them dig those letters up in 10 years because now it's more open ended on how they ended up (and with who). Though Azu and Hagita totally should hook up, just sayin'.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Crazyhead: review

Finished watching Crazyhead a little while ago and I have already assembled the soundtrack on Spotify, because damn good music. Anyway. The moment I finished watching I wanted to rewatch the show and that seldom happens to me, it's just that good.

It has the vibe of a comic book one can say, almost surprised that it was not based on an already existing comic. I loved the witty dialogue and the far out shit these heroines say, but also some of the bad ass stuff... I mean, who can not love a show where one of the main female leads says to a man:
"You think having a dick makes you immune to danger, man, be serious" - Raquel, s1ep5

I have to say I loved Raquel as a character the most, I would love to have her as a friend and not only because she has a penguin onesie but because she's hilarious and weird and goofy and all the things that make an awesome friend. And that is also one of the things I really liked in this show, the friendship between people, so nice to see real, supporting (female) friendships.

Some say it's Buffy 2.0 but eh, that's like selling the whole "girl-you-would-not-expect-would-kick-ass-who-kicks-ass-and-slays-monster"-genre short. Not all shows that feature one or more female leads who slays monster needs to be a rip off of Buffy, it's just simply that Buffy did it first and did it well but we don't have to measure EVERYTHING against it just because it features similar stuff.

I think this show stands for itself. Buffy was never this quirky and foul mouthed. Crazyhead also has a whole different humour than Buffy. The one character from Buffy I could see in Crazyhead is probably Willow (when she was shy and awkward that is). I'm not going to delve more into comparing the shows, I rather say watch Crazyhead and make up your own mind instead.

Overall I give this 5 out of 5 stars and I do not throw those around on everything, mind you. This show is definitely for those who like more light hearted, funny but still kick ass versions of for example Van Helsing (Netflix) and Jessica Jones.

On a light to dark scale I'd say:
Crazyhead - iZombie - Wynnona Earp - Van Helsing - Jessica Jones

Best contemporary description:
Mix of iZombie, Wynnona Earp and Orange is the new black*
*OINTB mostly because the white, blond female lead reminds me a lot of Piper and her evolutio

Feminist comment!
I was surprised how well written it was since it was written by a man (Howard Overman) and in general that means the whole thing is filtered through the male gaze, but I feel it stayed pretty clear from that. Not that I seriously Bechdel tested, but the girls felt like real humans with good and bad sides not just pretty and/or sexy objects to gawk at. Without saying too much there's even a scene when one of the girls says what she sometimes do with her toe nails (not ladylike stuff)!

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Thoughts on Travelers season 1 [SPOILERS]

A friend of mine recommended Travelers a little while back because it was "fantastic" so when I was out of interesting shows to watch and felt the need for some current/sci-fi (watched way too much historical series lately) I decided to give Travelers a try.

After seeing 4 episodes out of 12 I said it wasn't really much memorable but something to pass the time. It had 3 out of 5 stars. I told my friend the series Continuum is better. Since I had nothing more interesting to watch I kept going.

I gave my friend a short review after finishing season 1. Since I wrote in Swedish I will paraphrase it here: Season get 4-4,5 stars overall. Overall good story writing, plus side that there were female writers and directors. Another plus was that two of the main leads were female (rather than just the single lady as usual) but I'm not sure the series passed the Bechdel test because neither really talked to other females, barely each other either - which is a minus. Tightly written, directed and cut to really streamline and without useless scenes. Overall a good TV series but Continuum is better.

I would be interested in seeing season 2 (if there will be one, I haven't seen any confirmations of that), there is much more to know about the future they come from. I have my thoughts about how the future is like but not going to spoil anything here. I do hope we get to delve more into the background of the travellers themselves.

Favourite character:
Trevor, I want to know more!

Best performance:
Reilly Dolman, I think he really does a great job at portraying an heroin addict (but I have no first hand experience of that, but from what I can tell I think it's really well acted).

MacKenzie Porter, I think she does a great job portraying the THREE versions of Marcy.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thoughts on Black Sails season 1-3 [Spoilers]

Just finished season 3 of Black Sails on Netflix, ironically on the same day people can see season 4 on Starz and one day before said season will appear on HBO Nordic... which I don't currently have (but is thinking about getting). I'm curious about season 4 which also is the last season for this pirate saga.

Overall it's a really well made show, I really like the acting, storytelling and scenery. It has some flaws though, one of them being that there's only male directors and writers (I think I saw one female writer). It's a sausage fest. Despite that, I found it entertaining.

I gave it four stars on Netflix but I'd say it's somewhere in the ballpark of 3,5-4,5 stars depending on the episode.

Favourite characters
Jack Rackham, been a favourite from the start, he seem genuine and to truly care about his friends. Love his comments. I also loved that we in season 3 got his back story, which explains why he does what he does and it really added to the character and explained his decisions.

Cap Flint. I find him intriguing, I am rooting for him against John Silver despite knowing that Silver will come out on top. He's such a layered character, with so much depth. Toby Stephens truly make Flint come to life, it's the small things like nods, twitches, side looks... crazy good acting.

Characters I don't like
John Silver. I get it, just as this is the story of Flint and the golden pirate era, this is also the story of how Long John Silver became the pirate he is known to be, but I just don't like the guy. In the beginning he was just an egotistical ass and now he's just a pompous egotistical ass, who thinks too much of himself (somewhat true but still). I just don't like him.

Eleanor Guthrie. As one of few women in this cast I really do want to like her but ugh, no. When she was the top dog of Nassau you would think that she at least would be smart enough to learn to fight and shoot to back up her words and her entitlement but nope. She also makes decisions which really isn't smart decisions. Max, who kind of rise to the same position as Eleanor does it better.

Two of my favourite moments
The death of Mr Dufresne, so satisfying.
Woodes and Rackham in the wagon

A moment I cried
When Charles Vane was hanged

Thursday, January 26, 2017

100 Love Letters event!

A text saying "100 Love Letters, 14 feb 2017" with a black envelope with a heart on it underneath the text.

There is so much hate and sadness in our world today, last year was a very sad year for many reasons so I hope you will join me in my endeavour to spread a little love in this world.

This is "100 Love letters" 4th year and I hope that we can brighten the day for people all around the world. Let's show that love always wins!


Write a love letter (not a post-it) in your own language and leave it somewhere in a public space, it can be on a bus, in a changing room, school or at the grocery store. You decide where!


One (1), but you are free to write as many more as you'd like.

To brighten someone's day

The letter should be left somewhere on February 14th (Valentine's day).


Comment below or click 'going' on the fb event!

Feel free to share this event with your friends, the more we are the merrier it will be!

If you want, share a photo of your letter/envelope!
Hashtag with #100loveletters on twitter, fb and instagram



  • Use a quote as starting point (maybe one from this list:
  • Use a song as inspiration
  • What would you want to read in a letter from a stranger? (write that)
  • Write from your heart
  • It doesn't need to be longer than one page but you can write more if you want to
  • Keep it happy and positive
  • Do not assume any struggles or who the person is

Note! you do not need to write your name in the letter, you can write an alias or nothing at all.


I started the project "100 love letters" in 2014 where I hoped 100 people would write a letter and leave in a public space on Valentine's day. BUT! Over 500 people wrote a letter. Afterwards several asked to make this an annual thing.


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