Read 2017

Goal: 20 books
Books I have borrowed from library are marked with ¤

Star system:
* = finished it for the heck of it but it was bad, ***** = AMAZEBALLZ

Colour coding:
Adult, YA, Children, Non-Fiction, Comics

Because of move and everything this year I've forgotten to keep track, so I instead of listing them by month as usual I will list them by the order I finished reading them. Some I'm not entirely sure when I read but I've put them where I think they belong on the list.

  1. Tre koppar choklad by Care Santos [reading]
  2. Eric by Shaun Tan (March) *****
  3. Anton och Jonatan by Jostein Gaardner, Akin Düzakin (March) **
  4. Kunskapens frukt by Liv Strömquist (March) *****
  5. Kvinnor ritar bara serier om mens by several artists (March-April?) *****
  6. Den sovande och sländan by Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddel (March-April?) ***
  7. Hundra omistliga ting by Lucy Dillon *** (April)
  8. Kika in i sagan Askungen by Anna Milbourne, Karl James Mountford, Laura Wood (May) *****
  9. Skuggan av ett år by Hannah Richell (June) ****
  10. Paradisbaden by Akli Tadjer (June) ***
  11. Parfymsamlaren by Kathleen Tessaro (July) ****
  12. ¤ Tre saker jag inte vet om dig by Julie Buxbaum (July) ***
  13. Rosie Potter's lyckliga liv efter detta by Kate Winter (July) ****
  14. Ingenting och allting by Nicola Yoon (July) ****
  15. Guernseys litteratur- och potatisskalspajssällskap by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (July) ****
  16. ¤ Om det var krig i Norden by Janne Teller (July) *****
  17. Versioner av oss by Laura Barnett (July-Aug) *** maybe ****
  18. Monstress vol1 by Marjorie M. Liu, Sana Takeda (August) *****
  19. She-Hulk: deconstructed by Mariko Tamaki (and others) *** (August)
  20. Monstress vol2 by Marjorie M. Liu, Sana Takeda (August) *****


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