Tuesday, September 01, 2015

6 peculiar and little strange books to read this autumn

Today it's 1st of September, to me that is the start of autumn no matter if autumn in the nature comes before or after the date. I think it's because I always started university around the 1st and it has kept with me. Since autumn is also very much entwined with reading and sipping tea I thought I'd share some books I've found intriguing and put on my must read list.

1. The Grace keepers by Kirsty Logan
"Inspired in part by Scottish myths and fairytales, The Gracekeepers tells a modern story of an irreparably changed world: one that harbors the same isolation and sadness, but also joys and marvels of our own age." - from Goodreads

2. The chimes by Anna Smaill
"The Chimes is set in a reimagined London, in a world where people cannot form new memories, and the written word has been forbidden and destroyed. In the absence of both memory and writing is music." - from Goodreads

3. Weathering by Lucy Wood
"As the first frosts of autumn herald the coming of a long winter and Pepper and Ada find themselves irresistibly entangled with the life of the valley, each will discover the ways that places can take root inside us and bind us together. " - from Goodreads

4. Magpie hall by Rachel King
"Magpie Hall explores the fleshly taboo around class and tattoos in the Victorian era; the intimacy and atavistic nature of a marriage and contemporary relationships; the potentially obsessive/ compulsive behaviour of collecting flora, fauna (and other things) that can decimate native species and ruin lives." - from Goodreads

5. The rental heart and other fairytales by Kirsty Logan
"Twenty tales of lust and loss. These stories feature clockwork hearts, lascivious queens, paper men, island circuses, and a flooded world." - from Goodreads

6. Diving Belles by Lucy Wood (same author as nr. 3)
"Straying husbands lured into the sea can be fetched back, for a fee. Magpies whisper to lonely drivers late at night. Trees can make wishes come true - provided you know how to wish properly first. Houses creak, fill with water and keep a fretful watch on their inhabitants, straightening shower curtains and worrying about frayed carpets. A teenager's growing pains are sometimes even bigger than him. [...] In these stories, Cornish folklore slips into everyday life." - from Goodreads

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The last man left concept is so tiresome

They've been showing commercials for The last man on earth quite frequently a while now and every time I see it I wonder if there will ever be a series or movie about the last woman alive. I am so sick of seeing a male perspective on the whole "Oh wow I am the last person alive, I do hope I can find other survivors", that concept has been done over and over again.

Let me know when you want to refresh yourselves and make a comedy series about the last woman on earth (I can think of some awesome women to play that role if you need suggestions). I am also ok if you want to make a million dollar Hollywood movie about the last woman on earth too, just so you know.

P.s please don't let it be about makeup and other superficial shit you think women like, I want it to be a Sarah Connor (Terminator) kind of woman.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Short etsy shop info!

You can now add shipping upgrade when you buy from Caja Creations. So, what does that mean for you more specifically?

It means that your package is insured in case it gets lost or damaged and it means you can get tracking to 30+ countries*. It also means that there will be a mailing receipt when I have sent it and that I will get a verification when the package has been delivered to you. All in all it means both me, as a seller, and you, as a customer, can feel safer.

*Tracking is possible to these countries:
Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark including Faeroe islands and Greenland, El Salvador, Finland excluding Åland islands, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago and Vanuatu.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Grey hairs

Yesterday as I was preparing to go to bed I noticed two, maybe three very blond/white strands of hair and I was more fascinated than "OMG I AM GETTING GREY HAIRS MY LIFE IS OVER". I tried seeing if they were truly white or just a little blonder strands of hair since my hair is a little iridescent but I couldn't conclude anything.

It would have been easy to pull one of them to study it closer, especially the one that I got a hold of and tried to examine, but that felt wrong, if they truly are grey hairs then I will wear them proudly. If they are grey hairs then they are a sign of the shit I went through last year and that it took a toll so I will wear them knowing that I pulled through hell year 2014.

My mum once told me that whenever I get my grey hairs I will not be happy and I told her I wouldn't mind, I would wear them proudly - I wouldn't colour them over just because they are grey (though my hopes is to colour my hair turquoise when I'm old and all white because it would be cool). That is why I'm now hesitating about colouring my hair later this autumn because then they will blend in with the rest of them and I don't want that.

We will see what I do. And no, it doesn't really bother me that I possibly got grey hairs at 28, I mean if it would bother me at some point I will just colour it over and that is that. The investigation will continue until I know for certain they are grey or just blonde - I feel like Sherlock Holmes!

How do you feel about grey hairs?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo winner!

I didn't write more after the 27th but I had plans to write today but got a couple of bad news that really threw me off course so I decided to validate now and if I manage to write anything before midnight then great then I just validate again. I validated now so I wouldn't forget since that would have been awkward!

Camp NaNoWriMo concluded that I had written 20 744 words which is 7 more words than Word says I have written and 5744 over my stated NaNo-goal so I don't complain ;)

My first goal was 10k, managed that.
My second goal was 13k, managed that.
My third goal was 15k, managed that.
My hope after that was to reach 20k and I managed that.

I didn't however reach my hope of 25k but I'm happy anyway that I got as far as I did and had time to watch two concerts and several exhibitions, I went on several trips here and there, took a dip in the ocean and had ice cream during July.

Next goal will be 50k in November, we'll see if I continue this story (unsure how much is left) or start a fresh one. Until then my fellow Wrimos!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 27 to 28

Day 27: 1030 words
Day 28: 0 words

I had the idea to write every day up to 31st now since I started writing again on the 24th so I would be able to pull off 25k but today I forgot... I hoovered my whole apartment (it's been months!) and sneezed because of all the flying dust and felt like someone shoved sand in my eyes (the reason why I don't stir up the dust by hoovering it up) and I've been social online and looked up all kinds of things like organic hair dressers and watched Empire so it wasn't until just a moment ago I went "Oh shit".

On the upside I got in 1030 words yesterday and one of my characters did a turnaround in the hopes of pushing the other character into more shit but I don't think it worked. As predicted I managed to get passed 20k.

Word count: 20 737

Monday, July 27, 2015

A culture nerd in the sports jungle

I've always been a culture lover but not so much a sports lover except the occasional yoga and pilates so the world of sports and sports wear have eluded me until now. Been pondering taking up running (mostly because I sound like a broken bagpipe when I walk up the stairs) and I've found a course with my favourite type of yoga: kundalini so today I looked into the world of sports wear.

I was lost the minute I started looking. On H&M website there is a running top and a yoga top and to me they look the same, I cannot for the life of me understand the difference. I also delved into the world of sports bras and realised that they come in different kinds of support nowadays: low, medium and high - which am I supposed to pick?!

Thankfully I didn't delve into shoes too, I did that a while ago and thankfully since I have tiny feet it wasn't that many to pick from when I clicked in 'running shoes' but I still don't know what the difference were between those and another pair of sports shoes I found.

I can just guess that a sport lover feel just as lost at an art gallery as I am in a sports store. We'll see if I follow through with this but I have this fear that I will go to yoga class with my jazz pants (same ones I had in PE in high school) and a baggy t-shirt and everyone else will look like they come straight out of a sports catalogue.

Sports lovers please bestow some of your knowledge on me! ;)

Camp NaNo - day 22 to 26

Day 22: 0 words
Day 23: 0 words
Day 24: 1006 words
Day 25: 1373 words
Day 26: 1006 words

This weekend has been pretty good with the writing, especially after I got out of the escape chapter which I am sure I will expand on later, now I just rushed through it since I wanted to get on with the story. I finally did what I've been wanting to do: write one chapter in once character's point of view and then write the same scene in the other character's point of view - it was fun!

I'm quite sure I'm going to hit 20k but it would be so nice to reach 25k since that is half of what I need to reach when I write in November.

Word count: 19 707

New blog style

I felt it was time to refresh my blog, it felt a little too dark (but I did like the colourfulness of it) and I wanted it to be a little more adult. I am quite happy with how it looks like right now but we'll see if I go back to bold colours again or not.

I also widened it a bit since it was cramping my style before. The whole blog (including side column) is now 1000px instead of just 900px.

What do you think of my blog design and colours? :)


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