Friday, November 20, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 20

Not entirely sure at all at the second session I had today on how I wrote it, I'm so tired from sleeping like 6 hours with waking up in between today so my brain isn't with me. I wanted to have a more round number as total but toward the end there I couldn't focus properly on what I was writing so I called it a night.

Despite that, I managed to get 2 272 words down today. I now only have 4 512 words left, so crazy! I will try however to continue to write 1k a day after I cross 50k. The story is far from over.

Word count: 45 488.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 19

Today I added a scene that had gotten lost, for some reason I thought I had already written it but nope which I realised when speaking to a friend whom I talked about this scene with before. Awkward is awkward. I also wrote a scene that is rather nice, two characters bonding.

It is also starting to be really weird when I realise how little is left until I hit 50k (under 7k!), for some reason I still think a lot should still be left but nope. Written today 2210 words.

Word count: 43 216.

Time adjusted to be on the correct date.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 18 (40k reached!!)

Ok, so today I realised that one of my important plot points haven't gotten enough foreshadowing, I tried to solve a little bit by trying to say "Oh it wasn't something I have told you before but now shit has it the fan so I am telling you now" but I know I will add some more foreshadowing about this when I edit this.

New favourite name: Senae. Pretty I say.

I managed to cram out 2 393 words today, I first hoped to get 2 100 words but then I wanted to aim a little higher, for a more round number in the total word count: 41k, which I managed just precisely ;)

Word count: 41 006.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 17

First half of the writing as excellent, I felt like Rocky afterwards (I wrote an argument between two people and one of them won), to be perfectly honest I even played Eye of the tiger afterwards... but when I came to the second half of the writing today, well... that didn't go so well.

From the beginning I challenged myself that each character would get every other chapter and it's around now when I want to give a couple of chapters in a row to one of them and struggling to even find any purpose for the chapters with the other.

After a lot of thinking and a lot of starts on the chapter I decided she would meditate... I know, probably useless but at least it gave some kind of information... eh I don't know. I then began the other character's chapter and realised I now needed to come up with a punishment for another character and I'm like: EMPTY SPACE BETWEEN EARS. I have no idea, though thankfully I managed to reach 2k writing about some ideas she didn't decide to go for. Tomorrow however I need to have figured it out (help). 2 071 words written today, mostly thanks to the first session.

Word count: 38 613.

Monday, November 16, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 16

Not today. It took me forever to get anything done and it feels like my story is derailing from where I want to be because OTHER SHIT KEEPS ON HAPPENING - STOP HAVING GODDAMN LIVES! No frustration or anything...

But I mean it took me 2h to write a very short chapter because I needed to rewrite a gazillion times to get it right since it was a very sensitive subject. The rest of it went eh... and right now I'm in a chapter which I feel would be better from the other character's perspective but gnh I always take turns on whose chapter it is and it's the other character's chapter now...

So yeah, not liking today. Not really pulling teeth more tricky and hard to find the right words while at the same time I just want shit going, I need to get them out of the capital but in this pace they will probably start that journey by 50k instead of 25k-30k as expected. Upside, I did manage to write 2 347 words today for some weird reason, probably because I pushed myself to make something there at the end but eh.

Not digging today. I do hope it's not week 2 blues that has caught up with me.

Word count: 36 542.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 14 and 15

Yesterday it went so-so, at first I didn't know what I wanted with that scene at all, it was just a load of stuff that meant nothing and then I figured it out and managed to have a scene with substance after all. I wrote 2096 words. I dropped it in the middle of scene which I picked up and finished today.

Word count day 14: 32 119.

Today I continued on the scene I started yesterday and wrote two other scenes after that, one rather short and the other unsure since I dropped it in the scene since I was unsure what I wanted to happen next after some information had been given... or rather I am unsure what my character's course of action after learning these news will be. I managed to write 2076 words.

Word count today (15th): 34 195.

Time adjusted to be on the the 15th.

Friday, November 13, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 13

Unlucky 13 (lucky 13 for me usually) truly die a homerun on my characters today. Both had to endure some really shitty times. All I wanted was to say "I AM SO SORRY, IT WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE" but it would be a lite, shit will get darker than this...

I told another writer friend earlier that I would not like to be one of my characters and now I'm not speaking of just this story, my characters have in general a very sucky life. Those poor people, I put them through hell.

On the upside, good news! I scrambled together 2 511 words today just as I hoped which means I passed another even number as I hoped I would and I am now a bit over 8k ahead of schedule! I am also still writing minimum of 2k a day.

Word count: 30 023.

^See even number passed. Next badge is 40k though, but I am now 20k away from goal. I am hoping I will be able to pull this off!


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