Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 27 to 28

Day 27: 1030 words
Day 28: 0 words

I had the idea to write every day up to 31st now since I started writing again on the 24th so I would be able to pull off 25k but today I forgot... I hoovered my whole apartment (it's been months!) and sneezed because of all the flying dust and felt like someone shoved sand in my eyes (the reason why I don't stir up the dust by hoovering it up) and I've been social online and looked up all kinds of things like organic hair dressers and watched Empire so it wasn't until just a moment ago I went "Oh shit".

On the upside I got in 1030 words yesterday and one of my characters did a turnaround in the hopes of pushing the other character into more shit but I don't think it worked. As predicted I managed to get passed 20k.

Word count: 20 737

Monday, July 27, 2015

A culture nerd in the sports jungle

I've always been a culture lover but not so much a sports lover except the occasional yoga and pilates so the world of sports and sports wear have eluded me until now. Been pondering taking up running (mostly because I sound like a broken bagpipe when I walk up the stairs) and I've found a course with my favourite type of yoga: kundalini so today I looked into the world of sports wear.

I was lost the minute I started looking. On H&M website there is a running top and a yoga top and to me they look the same, I cannot for the life of me understand the difference. I also delved into the world of sports bras and realised that they come in different kinds of support nowadays: low, medium and high - which am I supposed to pick?!

Thankfully I didn't delve into shoes too, I did that a while ago and thankfully since I have tiny feet it wasn't that many to pick from when I clicked in 'running shoes' but I still don't know what the difference were between those and another pair of sports shoes I found.

I can just guess that a sport lover feel just as lost at an art gallery as I am in a sports store. We'll see if I follow through with this but I have this fear that I will go to yoga class with my jazz pants (same ones I had in PE in high school) and a baggy t-shirt and everyone else will look like they come straight out of a sports catalogue.

Sports lovers please bestow some of your knowledge on me! ;)

Camp NaNo - day 22 to 26

Day 22: 0 words
Day 23: 0 words
Day 24: 1006 words
Day 25: 1373 words
Day 26: 1006 words

This weekend has been pretty good with the writing, especially after I got out of the escape chapter which I am sure I will expand on later, now I just rushed through it since I wanted to get on with the story. I finally did what I've been wanting to do: write one chapter in once character's point of view and then write the same scene in the other character's point of view - it was fun!

I'm quite sure I'm going to hit 20k but it would be so nice to reach 25k since that is half of what I need to reach when I write in November.

Word count: 19 707

New blog style

I felt it was time to refresh my blog, it felt a little too dark (but I did like the colourfulness of it) and I wanted it to be a little more adult. I am quite happy with how it looks like right now but we'll see if I go back to bold colours again or not.

I also widened it a bit since it was cramping my style before. The whole blog (including side column) is now 1000px instead of just 900px.

What do you think of my blog design and colours? :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 19 to 21

Day 19: 0 words
Day 20: 0 words
Day 21: 753 words

Tired today and I didn't feel there was any emotion behind what I wrote but I really felt like continuing the story a bit today so I managed to at least get out 753 words.

Secret goal is 25k by 31st of July but I don't think I will make it since that means I have to write more than 1k a day to be able to pull it off. Would have been nice though since that is half way point on the NaNoWriMo in November.

I blame the summer and having a bus card so I can do stuff. In November I prefer to stay home so it is easier to write in November than in July.

Word count: 16 322.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My week in highlights

Monday: Most exciting today was that I wrote on my NaNo-novel

Tuesday: Tried writing at a café, which didn't go so well so I went home and rewrote and wrote the rest for that day. I did try a frappino for the first time (no, not one with coffee) with the flavour strawberry and watermelon which was quite refreshing. Watched Empire (Go Cookie go!).

Wednesday: I went to Kivik's fair where I bought some candy and got a Belgian waffle with chocolate and cream on my hands/wrists just as I was paying for it, the next one - less smashed from me trying to rescue it as it slid off the table - was tasty. Watched Call the midwife (season over).

Thursday: Slept late so didn't do much that day, I met a new friend for the first time though, we sat at a café at the station up until I helped her to her train back to Gotenburg.

Friday: I went to the food fair in Ystad and tried a vegetarian Nasi Goreng (Indonesian dish) which I really liked and went on a guided tour of Charlotte Berlin's museum (higly recommend it). I say it was a good day.

Saturday: From days of dust, air and all kinds of elements my eyes gave in after I had written approximatelt 1,7k words on my NaNo novel which I finally showed some love to, so I mostly spend the evening with eye drops and my eyes closed (torture). Watched Indian Summer.

Sunday (today): I went to see the exhibition Body Talk at Lunds konsthall, it is an exhibition with artists from different places in Africa that shows art with the focus point of feminism and the female body, some of it quite interesting and cool but other things I think I'm not high brow enough for. I then ate this summer's first soft ice cream which was apparently "home made" at the kiosk, rich and full taste - I like it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 15 to 18 [reaching 15k goal]

Day 15: 0 words
Day 16: 0 words
Day 17: 0 words
Day 18: lost track of time and wrote 1725 words.

On the 15th I went to a fair, the biggest we have in Sweden it is claimed so I was way too tired when I got back to write anything. On the 16th I slept in late and met a friend for the first time, it was fun and on the 17th (yesterday) I went to a food fair and to a small museum of a bourgeois home (19th to early 20th century). Today was the first in several days that I had energy and time to write and oh did I write.

It wasn't until my eyes got dry and refused to function normally that I had to quit typing, it's a long but fun chapter to write - not entirely sure how everything is important in the long run but my character want to tell this story so I am letting her. I was aiming to reach 18k today to be on track date wise but I am happy with how much I managed to write.

I jumped from the stagnant 13 844 words to 15 569 words and with that I have crossed my second goal I set out for myself. I will try to reach 20k too but I will not up the word count. Whatever I get now is much better than expected.

I might write a little bit tomorrow if I don't go to the exhibition I am planning to see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 14

It went miserably today. I tried writing at a café but I kept on rewriting the same paragraph because I couldn't get out what I wanted to say and if I didn't get that out then the next paragraph wouldn't work. Upside I tried a very tasty frapino with the flavour strawberry/watermelon.

Later, at home, I deleted the whole section I had written and rewrote it and managed to get a bit out of me before I crashed and burned from being too tired. Needing to get up at 7:30 and having insomnia isn't the best combination.

I therefore wrecked my 13 days of 1k every day by writing 456 words today. After getting almost an hour of sleep I don't feel more fit for fight either since my body is screaming and kicking that I should sleep for at least an hour more but I refuse.

Tomorrow I am going up at 6 x.x so I need to be tired so I can sleep early tonight. My hopes of writing over 1k tomorrow is not high. Otherwise I would have hit my new goal tomorrow: 15k on day 15, and that I don't annoys me a little (competitive me in combination with symmetry liking me is annoyed).

Word count: 13 844 (should have been 14 390).

Word count this blog post: 217, I do hope it is coherent.


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