Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter sale in my shop!

During Easter, Thursday 17th of April to Monday 21st of April, I have a 10% sale in my etsy shop. It's 10% on everything if you shop for more than 120 SEK (the cost of one earring). That means for example 180 SEK (Swedish Krona) instead of 200 SEK on notebooks.

All you have to do is use this coupon code: EASTER14

My shop: Caja Creations

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Small etsy shop update

I've changed the shop currency to Swedish Krona at Caja Creations so the prices are the same no matter if you buy from me on etsy or at a fair. You will still be able to see the prices in your own currency as usual, this just means they should be a little lower since I'm  not adjusting due to the currency change.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Projects update: April

When I do things that is a bit bigger I call them projects, it can be everything from organising an event to rearranging my kitchen. It's good for both having a good overview of what needs to be done and for evaluating when it's finished. Below are some of the ones I've been working on lately and their status.

Last update: March | February | January

March was full of stuff, it was my birthday and I was being creative with new stuff. I also put up on etsy after getting my manufacturer application approved. I've also applied to several jobs but hasn't gotten one yet, but I have an interview next week so we'll see. I'm hoping to start up my book project and also the photo exhibition I had last year, in the coming weeks.




♥ Selling/giving away
I've sold some stuff on tradera during end of March and I'm planning on putting up some more in the following days. Due to the shipping price change (April 1st) I need to fix that too. I'm going to go through stuff in basement and see what I can sell from it.

♥ Finding the perfect job
Suggestions are appreciated in events and festival organising, cultural events and youth projects all over the world.
0/1 done

♥ Taking care of things in basement
I've given up on the cleaning company because clearly they do not want to help me, I will see what I can do myself with the things in basement. I truly hope my box with Christmas ornaments can be cleaned and thus saved. I will also see what I can sell.

3/4 done 

Project Panzi hospital
I read an article about the survivors of sexual violence that Panzi have taken care of and that the hospital need an industrial washing machine so through deviantART I'm trying to collect money, by selling donated prints. You can see more here. So far only collected $6.46. This might get included in the book project, one of the books might support Panzi.
0/1 done

♥ Children's books project

Nothing changed here, other things got in the way but will restart with renewed energy in April. About project: I've slowly gotten more and more disturbed that 90% of the main characters are boys in books and that if there is a girl she's wimpy and frankly not independent and cool and dare to do things. So, I started my own project where I hope to organise and make 5 children's books with girl leads. I got some people interested and planning on a meeting with a printing company soon.
0/4 done

On hold

♥ Friendship project - on hold
3 (of 4) still needs to be photographed and shipped to their owners. I've just put the box with the bracelets in a safe place so now I can't find it. It might have been moved to the studio.
3/4 done

♥ Earring project Z - on hold
Haven't had the time to work on this. This was mostly to inspire myself, I'm being plenty of inspired lately without it. Parts: make, photograph and put up on Etsy and deviantART.
1/4 done 

♥ Closet project - on hold
I still need to make the holes in the lids though, unsure what tools to use - an awl?

3.5/4 done

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A view on March from my instagram

Since March was my first real productive month on instagram I decided to make a blog post sharing a bit of this last month. You can find me on instagram as petitecaja.

I managed to do the laundry on my own in the scary basement for the first time in years and my Martha Stewart month (you'll understand later) started with home made cocoa (2dl cocoa+2dl sugar) which looked pretty with the jar with mini marshmallows which I made from an old jar and a piece of cloth.

I celebrated my birthday on March 6th. I had the day before bought red velvet cupcakes with vanilla topping. My cupcake store was closed last year (spring break) so the owner was so kind to give me an extra cupcake for b-day! I loved them both.

I spoiled myself on my birthday. Among other things I walked in a really old cemetery which I've been curious about for quite some time (I love old cemeteries with tons of history). Spring was in full bloom in there.

The weather was quite good for the most part during March and I walked a lot. Sadly though all the bushes by my house was cut down due to the window change so all the budding flowers will be no more, I captured one for infinity.

I had a quite creative month but not in my usual design style but with perler beads, it all started with the fix idea of making a hair piece with perler beads, one among the first you can see in picture to the left and then it just expanded.

I baked my first and second bread ever ever. First one was ok, the second was better (I used rolled oats in this one) and as I write this my third ever bread is cooling in the kitchen!

I found some microfibre cloths in rainbow colours which I just had to snatch up, it was wrapped in a rainbow ribbon which I found good use to.

Toward the end of the month I was still creating with perler beads. I have exciting plans for the ones on the left but the parts for it hasn't arrived yet (will show you when finished) and the one to the right was just a spur of the moment creation which I have no idea what to do with.

As usual I also turned off the lights for an hour for Earth Hour on the last Saturday of the month, been so many years now that I don't know when I started, it's a tradition in my household now.

To finish off the month is my first omelette ever and the first time eating eggs since like 5 years back which I indulged in on the last day of March. Not the sexiest omelette on the planet but delicious anyway.

What did you do in March?

Monday, March 31, 2014

For sale: beautiful notebook with nature photo

Front cover of notebook with sun and brach
You can buy these lined or blank inside.

Short info: 80 g/m² paper, 144 pages and 15x20cm (A5) / 6x8 inches

These are at the moment sold for 200 SEK or $31.5.
Shipping: 36 SEK Sverige, 

$13 Europe and $14.5 world

I accept bank transfer and paypal.

The photo wraps both front to back as you can see on the picture below.

Only 8 lined and 10 blank left!

You can buy it on etsy.

Front and back cover of notebook with sun and brach
Front and back of notebook "Orchard"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

No Bechdel test on Continuum and Nashville - yet

Continuum is still such a fresh TV series for me that I get easily caught up in the story and forget to jot down when two women talk, as I was supposed to do because of the Bechdel test I'm doing on all the TV series I follow. I know that women did talk and I think both episodes yesterday passed the test but I will redo it properly next week.

Nashville I missed all together because of the lovely spring weather today (the downside of it airing at 16 (4pm) on a Saturday afternoon). I will try to watch it next weekend but no promises, if the weather is great I will be out the door.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bechdel testing: HIMYM season 9 episode 11 and 12

TV here usually show two episodes back to back of How I Met Your Mother so I decided to Bechdel test not only one episode this time but two but they will get individual decisions.

Bechdel test rules:
1. two NAMED women
2. talk with each other
3. about something else than men
(4. for over 60 seconds)

Episode 11 is based on bedtime stories that Marshall tell Marvin so he's the narrator (in rhyme). The discussions in episode 11:
  1. Everyone is at McLaren's and they discuss if Ted has a date or not.

  2. Robin is eating a wedding cake she has stolen and Ted has called Lily to stop her but when Robin gives up Lily tells her to eat the cake or Simon will win, she can't give up after just eating half of it.

  3. Lily tells Robin "Finish it" about the cake when she's hesitant.
The discussion that pass the test in episode 11 is the second one, even though it is about not letting Simon win it's mostly about the cake so it pass the test. Nr 3 is more of a command than a discussion so it's neutral I say.

In episode 12 we're back to the right time line again, the discussions:
  1. Everyone cracks Canada jokes at Robin after she says she wants to get married there.

  2. Flashback: Ted and Robin is at McLaren's when Lily comes in. Robin asks about Lily's dinner with a friend and Lily reveals the friend's secrets (pregnant and getting divorce) to Robin and Ted.

  3. Lily tells Robin that Ted won't perform as Liberace and then Lily tells them what Marshall have done. Robin, Ted and Lily discuss Marshall and the move.

  4. Robin tells Ted and Lily that Barney has been arrested.
Just as in episode 11 only one of the discussion pass the test. The second is focused on Lily spilling the beans about her friend Debbie who is pregnant and getting divorce and a lot of other things so the discussion focus isn't men and therefore it pass.

HIMYM season 9 episode 11 pass the Bechdel test
HIMYM season 9 episode 12 pass the Bechdel test

Disclaimer: I might have missed something and there might be errors above but I do this mostly for the fun so no hard feelings I hope.

Video: death penalty facts and figures in 2013

Amnesty International released a video today about the death penalty during 2013 all over the world. It's a sad story that we still use this as punishment. I've always been against the death penalty no matter the crime, because an eye for an eye will make the world go blind, and really it's not ok for a state to say it's against the law to kill someone when they do it themselves!

Please watch this 3 minutes and 30 seconds short video to see the facts and figures of death penalty with focus on last year, 2013.

Bechdel testing: Scandal season 3 episode 7

This was one of those series I didn't think would pass the Bechdel test, mostly because Olivia (the lead) mostly surround herself with men and talk about men to men.

Previously tested series: Glee, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and Grey's anatomy.

Bechdel test rules:
1. two NAMED women
2. talk with each other
3. about something else than men
(4. for over 60 seconds)

The discussions:
  1. Mellie and the journalist Carla talk in front of the camera about among other things art and that Fitz and Mellie always want a piece of their home, California with them wherever they are.

  2. Meeting with Olivia's crew, Abby ask Olivia about her dad.

  3. Abby and Olivia alone, they talk about Fitz, his dad, about a plane and that Abby is going to hug Olivia. They hug.

  4. Mellie tells Sally that her husband have groped a woman, Sally says she doesn't believe her.

  5.  Mellie and Carla in front of camera again, they talk about Mellie's son and the president.

  6. Abby and Harrison talk to a woman called Mrs Rowe about the plane and the man who was escorted off.

  7. Mellie tells Carla that Fitz can't come to the planned interview, then he arrives.

  8. During the interview Carla attacks Mellie on what the polls says and that she went on national TV with their dirty laundry and Mellie tries to respond. The president takes over the discussion and defends Mellie.

  9. Olivia asks her crew some questions about a man and among others does Abby respond.

  10. Mellie talk about sweaty hands with Carla, the journalist, on camera right before an event.

As I said before, men are a constant subject in this TV series, therefore the only discussion out of all of them above that pass the test is nr 11, but I'm not 100% certain that the conversation stayed on the subject so it is with some hesitation that I pass it. If you know they discussed men (the president?) please comment and I will change my ruling.

Scandal season 3 episode 7 pass the Bechdel test, but with some hesitation.

Disclaimer: I might have missed something and there might be errors above but I do this mostly for the fun so no hard feelings I hope.


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