Friday, November 21, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 21

I am starting to feel my character is not very stable (hello understatement), she is going between being fine and then crashing in the next moment. I mean, that is all part of healing from a relationship but I feel a little stuck in this at the moment, I am hoping the pushes I have planned will change her horizon a bit.

Anyway, I wrote 2025 words today and therefore landed on 42 116 words! That means that I only have 7884 words left to write which both feels like only and a huge amount, at least when I think about what I want to have happen in them (not much).

NaNo claims that if I write a little under 800 words a day now I will still reach 50k, that is quite cool, it lowers every day. It is also nice to know that if I one day feel like I'm pulling teeth when writing then all I have to do is reach around 800 words. :)

Today I got some scenes I liked and some scenes I feel are utter useless for the story, but we'll see, I have a group of people who want to read so we'll see what they say. That is next step though, in December or something, I need to have a small break between writing this chunk and editing it all.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 20

It is crazy that I have for 20 days written on my story now, it feels longer and yet shorter at the same time. Today I managed to reach 40 091 words which means less than 10 000 words left, the exact amount I thought I would reach this month, talk about underestimating myself. I wrote 2066 words today.

Not much happened in today's writing, my main character had a phone call, sent an e-mail and went to the pizzeria. Wow huh? 2k on that, I know, earth moving!

In a way I am scared to work too fast on the things I want to happen since I am unsure if that will reach 50k then so I added a bit some inner turmoil thoughts today and I have some ideas of things that will happen before the real things go down (ending). She have so far reached her turning point, which I am sure I have said before, which feels great, now I just need to take it home!

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Transgender Day of Remembrance: today

This day is about remembering and mourning the transgender people who have suffered hate crime, they are everywhere, in my country alone they were forced to sterilise up until last year! Transgender Day of Remembrance started after the murder of Rita Hester in 1998. 

I cannot tell you the perspective of a transgender person but in a Swedish debate article, I read today, it said that 65% of all young transgender people have considered committing suicide and 1/3 have tried. That is some awful numbers and that has to change, transgender rights is human rights. People should be able to be who they are without ridicule and threats of violence or death.

This day is important to highlight in my opinion, it's important because it lifts all those people we don't see, that needs to be seen, that needs to be treated just like everyone else.

In Sweden there are gatherings in Stockholm (Mynttorget) and Malmö (Triangeltorget) at 18:00 (6pm) today, if you know something happening in your town maybe go and show your solidarity.

Newly found animes I'd like to watch

I wasn't planning on finding a bunch of new animes to put on my "must watch list" but well, that happened... too late now so here is the list of them!

5 centimeters per second
Movie (drama/romance), 63 min, 2007 [imdb]

Movie (drama/romance), 60 min, 2013 [imdb]

Garden of words
Movie (drama/romance), 46 min, 2013 [imdb]

And one that doesn't fit into the other group, it just seem a bit psychedelic (apparently not much speaking at all) and weird, I might watch it some time:

Angel's egg
Movie (drama/fantasy, 71 min, 1985 [imdb]

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 19

Wooo! I have now passed 38k, feels pretty good actually. Today I was a little extra inspired and during my second hour I wrote 1k in 45 minutes which was some time ago I managed to (might be because I got a part time job today right before I was writing! I will write more on that later).

During my first hour I felt like things was taking an ugly turn, I did not want my character to do that at all but during my second hour I managed to get it back on track again (for my intended ending) and it feels really good at the moment, it feels like the story is going forward. It feels great to write on the turning point, we are around my favourite section at the moment and I have lots of ideas for what needs to happen in the next 24h (that is how long timeline I have left before the end).

I reached 38 025 words today which means I wrote 2027 words.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 18

Today I had a bit of a scare, as I was going to cut some text out of my novel to move it to another section Word decided to do a recovery save so the whole program hanged itself. After a long wait I could safely say it didn't unhang itself.

I checked in dropbox to see when my latest save was which it claimed to be around 14:30 (after my first hour today) and thus nothing from the second hour I had just almost finished (100 words shy) even though I knew I had saved several times. It made me nervous, would I lose a whole hour worth of work and would I then still finish NaNo if I did? I then checked how often the setting was set to do recovery savings, which I knew I tweaked some other time, and it was 5 minutes. I therefore with my heart pounding shut down Word and said yes to restarting with the recovery. It is one of my most nervous times ever.

I had written two pages during that hour and was so nervous I would lose those two, especially since I really liked one scene and felt I had perfected it not long before it hanged itself. When it started again I was missing around 200 words (a quick estimate) and thus my last one or two paragraphs. It was sad that they were gone because I really liked what I had written there but the new paragraphs are totally ok, not as great but ok. I also missed a sentence here or there, at least one I noticed but it didn't change much so it didn't bother me that much. I am so grateful that things went as good as it did.

I reached 35 998 words today and thus I wrote 2087 words (more if you count the loss).

NaNoWriMo, days 15-17

In need of an update on NaNo from the last couple of days so here it is. Next time I will be back on track again. Oh and the course was very fun and I learned a lot.

Day 15
I was on my way to my weekend course and I wrote a little bit, 534 words to be exact on the train but it was hard since people were loud mouths and had to share private details of their lives with everyone, my focus was gone. I landed on 31 851 words.

Day 16
I didn't write anything. I had taken the bus just so I would but this specific bus company have changed so it was crammed and the bus seats was hard (not going with them again). Sad that almost 4 hours of planned writing went to waste, couldn't even get my netbook out of my bag!

Day 17
I edited what I had written on the Saturday, I didn't like the direction, I removed some parts and added others to have something go from. Instead of Catherine going home she went to a store and there she met an unexpected person. I also added a new character out of the blue, he just came to me, Luis, and he got a way bigger place in the novel than planned. I wrote 2060 words today and landed on 33 911 words and if all goes to plan I will hit 50k around 26th of November.

Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 14

I have now officially survived my first two weeks of NaNo and I have put my character through hell more than once and at least two more times will happen and I feel so sorry and want to hold her and say it is going to be all right. I feel awful for putting her through this.

Upside! I landed on 2073 today and therefore reached 31 317 words! I am having less words to write than I have already written, so crazy.

I am hoping I will get something written when I am away this weekend but I am not counting on it so being approximately 8k ahead of where NaNo recommends feels pretty great, I just hope I still will feel psyched about writing on Monday and that I can still feel the novel's vibe and not change too much if I have grown from throwing myself out there this weekend on a course with almost 80 people I don't know a single one of in another city so far away from home I cannot sleep in my own bed. Downside would be the gap in the diagram, it might work against me.

Oh and I went on a tangent when writing today, I might edit away a lot of it but I was inspired to write a lot about Giuseppe and his store, which has a very minor role (one scene) oh well, it was fun to write and that is what NaNo is about.

Don't forget btw, 1-30 of November it is 10% on notebooks with the code NANOWRIMO14 in my etsy shop

Thursday, November 13, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 13

I realise how much of a habitual person I am when my habits get shaken up. Today I had a meeting in the town over at 12 so I wouldn't make it home to my writing session I always have between 13-14 which really took a toll on me later on.

I talked to my dad until closer to 16 and then I first had a snack and tea and sat down as usual to write between 16-17 but that wasn't going anywhere really, so slow so I continued until like 18 to take a break to fix some things. I started again at 18:30 get the last 500 words but at 18:50 when my rice was done and it was time for food I still hadn't reached it so I had to write a little bit more after dinner. Blah! But finally a little while ago I reached my daily goal of 2k. It took a couple of hours to write basically nothing (she sat on a train, met an acquaintance, went home and texted her parents - that is it).

Week 2 really is hell week as they say. Nonetheless, I got to 29 244 today and have thus written 2019 words today. I might add some more later, we'll see. The gap between where NaNo says I should be and where I am is 7,5k in my favour. Good, it will come in handy this weekend, though really all I want is to sit in my chamber and write instead of being social with 70+ people I have never met before.

I really hope week 3 is better than this because seriously, I am now in the area where I actually now will happen and it still feels like pulling teeth or to slide on gravel.

Weird questions for my friends today: 1) Is hijabs plural of hijab? 2) What can a Muslim woman say as a nice phrase to my main character whom is a stranger? My friends were super helpful, I just hope I didn't step on someone's toes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 12

Today was a little more inspired day and it wasn't as heavy scenes to write, thankfully a bit of a gap of that until the next chapter where it is going to be some heavy stuff happening again, I have thankfully most of that scene written down on a little note.

I reached 27 225 words today and wrote 2087 words.

Right now it feels a little lighter and easier to write than before which is very welcome, especially since I want to be ahead of the curve for the weekend. I'm approximately 7k ahead and that will be very welcome since I am unsure how much I will get the chance to write Friday to Sunday (6k for me / 5k according to NaNo that I might miss to write).

Hopefully I get the chance to write something every day to still connect to my story and not loose my grove. Today I was finally on the way to scenes that will be very important and I both dread writing some of them (poor main character) and found them intriguing since it will really be some climax scenes soon.

In today's writing my main character have met an old lady in a pink coat and compared herself to kintsugi. I felt that was a pretty nice feat. What I need to remember for tomorrow is that she has a salad and coke with her which she need to open up and eat/drink.


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