Sunday, November 12, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 11 and 12

Didn't write an update yesterday, was too tired since I had a cold coming over me (hopefully the worst passed this morning) but it went so-so yesterday if I remember correctly, except session 2 where the words were flying out. I know at least I got extra words in there, like 700+ but fluff brain over here has no attention span or memory so can't say much about it.

Today it took me first 2 hours to write first 1k and 1h to write the second 1,2k. I say I'm happy with that considering I woke up today with fever, sinus + body ache and runny nose.

It feels like I have a brain half full of snot, so really not the best day for writing. It also shows in the quality of what I wrote. It's like I get what I wanted to say but I'm not really getting there, not finding how I should go about saying it.

So everything between "Apparently, shit face and Theodore are friends." and "Unsure if she believed me. Don't care though." is just me pushing through despite the cold. xD Not much of a masterpiece there ;)

Let's just hope I have a better attention span and memory tomorrow, because I need to get the story back on track I feel. I did however at least have a good eye on the time today, always something.

Day 11: 2 746 words
Total word count: 28 338 words
Target, day 11: 18 333 words

Day 12: 2 221 words
Total word count: 30 559 words
Target, day 12: 20 000 words

Friday, November 10, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 10 [hitting 25k]

My last session went slow. I even lost track of time as I was writing and is a bit unsure of when I actually started. Usually I always start full hour but this year I have started when I felt like it which makes me lose track of time.

I think I began before 19 (7pm), I think 18:50 (6:50pm) but unsure. Somewhere in that ballpark and I didn't stop until 20:34 (8:34pm) which is almost two hours(!) later, where did the time go? And that's an insane amount of time for only getting 1,2k!

It took away a bit of the joy of hitting 25k actually, that it went so slow without me noticing. I need to get better at time management. More sprinting and less aimlessly wandering down the page. Next time I will set an alarm so I know for certain.

And I have to stop beginning at odd times!

Day 10: 2 288 words
Total word count: 25 592 words
Target, day 10: 16 666 words

Thursday, November 09, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 9

I have a kind of hate-love relationship with my main character right now. She is NOT doing what I want her to do. The story goes in snail pace because my character isn't doing what I need her to do for things to happen!

I need her to talk to her therapist. She however has for three sessions been quiet or answered with short replies which does not lead to what I want to happen! *frustrated*

I also have this side plot which I'm not even sure I know what I'm doing with so I'm stalling it. The point was to make her get to know more about the ship (and thus the reader get to know stuff that will be vital later) but I don't actually know how to pull it off yet. Gnnh.

Other than that, the writing goes fairly ok I just write nonsense apparently.

Day 9: 2 122 words
Total word count: 23 304 words
Target, day 9: 15 000 words

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 8

As I was writing during my first session today I, for some reason, thought I was behind and needed 30 min extra to make it work. It wasn't until late when I double checked my skype convo with a friend about that I realised that I had basically written exactly one hour. How the mind can trick you when it goes a little slow.

Second session went better but I had hoped to get more words than but I just couldn't decide what to write next. I tried a few times but nothing felt right so I decided it was better to leave that until tomorrow. Hopefully before then I can figure out how this group assignment I've created in my story has any meaning to anything xD I'm not hopeful though, I just hope I can come up with what to write next.

First day it felt slower than usual when I wrote, more of a syrup feel. :/ Thus not much extra today.

Day 8: 2 039 words
Total word count: 21 182 words
Target, day 8: 13 333 words

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 7

First session went so good that I got a little extra in the word count. The second session went so-so, it hit the mark but I deleted and rewrote a couple of times and added like 10 minutes extra to the session to get over 2k.

Second session was tougher in general, I had to deal with my character not doing well. She was in hospital and other fun stuff so it kind of sucked me dry. I also, myself, wasn't on the top of my game as I sat down to write so with that in mind I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Tomorrow it's kind of unknown territory again, this part of the story is heavily unplanned. I have some threads to pull but in general I have no clue what will happen...

Day 7: 2 258 words
Total word count: 19 143 words
Target, day 7: 11 666 words

Monday, November 06, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 6

First day of what's usually a pretty tough week: second week. It hasn't hit me yet though and so far I have a plan forward and with enough luck it might cover this whole week (doubtful). My character is celebrating Christmas when I left her, not as fun as it sounds unfortunately.

My two sessions went pretty well today. One I prolonged since I needed to do some research as I was writing it but other than that I kept within my time frame :)

I wish however there were a badge somewhere between 10k and 25k, it's a pretty big jump all of the sudden when you had 5k before in between. There need to be more goal badges!

NaNo thinks I will finish by the 18th, I think that's very optimistic since I haven't been able to finish earlier than 21st before and then I wrote a lot of both at beginning and end. We'll see.

I wouldn't mind though if I could finish earlier than planned. It does however think my average per day is 2 814 words which is flawed, that's only because of the 5k+ on the first day. I'm sure when it evens out that it will give another end date.

Day 6: 2 371 words
Total word count: 16 885 words
Target, day 6: 10 000 words

Sunday, November 05, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 5

Done for today, boom! Plans for the rest of the evening: Stranger things 2. I have forced myself not to watch another episode until I had my 2k, it's pretty good motivation considering every episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Managed to keep it within the two hours today AND get some extra. Feels great. I have to remind myself though that's it's so far only day 5 and lots and lots of days are left. Lots of days for it to be like pulling teeth.

I have currently a whole storyline about hair colour ongoing. Unsure if this has any bearing whatsoever on the story, except to give a view of how my main character looks like (though that you don't get until arc 2... ehrm).

Wrote approx 1,5k the second round which is nice. You have to take the chances you get to get those extra words in. If it's a good session and you have time left and already reached the daily goal - continue anyway. It will be good to have on the days you can barely write 200 words, let alone 2000 words.

Day 5: 2 252 words*
Total word count: 14 514 words*
Target, day 5: 8 333 words

*I love it when it falls on numbers like that.


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