Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Oscars - how did I do?

Fantastic Oscars this year even though Boyhood, my favourite, didn't win as much as I wanted. Truly great speeches from so many, for example Patricia Arquette and Graham Moore. I stayed up from 1am to 6am watching the red carpet and the Oscars and it was truly worth it.

Not long in did I start seeing the pattern and guessed right on The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman winning but below I will go by what I thought before watching the Oscars.

So, how did my predictions go?

Best picture: Boyhood Birdman won

Actor (lead): Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) won as I predicted

Actress (lead): Reese Witherspoon (Wild) Julianne Moore (Still Alice) won (and rightfully so from what the snippet I saw from the film)

Actor (support):
Ethan Hawke (Boyhood) J.K Simmons won (well deserved)

Actress (support): Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) won as I predicted

Animated feature film:
Song of the Sea Big Hero 6 won (not suprising but I really hoped SotF would because it was beautifully made but mainstream is better I guess)

Cinematography: Ida, Mr Turner or The Grand Budapest Hotel Birdman won

Costume design: Into the Woods or Maleficent The Grand Budapest Hotel won

Directing: Boyhood Birdman won

Documenary feature: Finding Vivian Maier CitizenFour won (guessed so when I realised what it was about)

Documentary short subject: ?? Crisis hotline: Veterans press 1 won (should have seen that one coming considering the subject)

Film editing: Boyhood Whiplash won

Foreign language film: Ida won as I predicted

Makeup and hairstyling: Guardians of the Galaxy The Grand Budapest Hotel won

Music (original score): ?? The Grand Budapest Hotel won

Music (original song:): ?? Glory from Selma won (which I guessed/hoped after hearing all the songs being performed)

Production design: Mr Turner The Grand Budapest Hotel won or Interstellar

Short film animated: ?? Feast won

Short film live action: ?? The Phone call won

Sound editing: ?? American sniper won

Sound mixing: ?? Whiplash won

Visual effects: o.o no clue Interstellar won

Writing (adapted screenplay): The Theory of Everything The Imitation Game won

Writing (original screenplay): Boyhood Birdman won

In other words I did quite poorly this year, next time I should do a list for those I wish to win and those I think (realistically) will win since I got several rights while watching the Oscars.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Projects update: February

When I do things that is a bit bigger I call them projects, it can be everything from organising an event to rearranging my kitchen. It's good for both having a good overview of what needs to be done and for evaluating when it's finished. Below are some of the ones I've been working on lately and their status.

Last update: January

February was ups and downs, got really sad when I got no from a job I really really wanted and even managed to got a callback after the interview on. Another downside was that the national unemployment agency's website was down most of the month which made it hard to apply to new jobs. Upside was that my boyfriend was here with me for a week - lots of fun!

About my hopes: I did not get the job after the test shoot (as mention above) but my boyfriend did visit as I had hoped and I read one book during the month: The forgotten garden by Kate Morton.

Hopes for March: That someone will hire me for a longer period of time. And that my 3 weeks working as teamleader for D2D will go well (again). Oh and that my birthday will be a nice one on Friday even though I have no one to celebrate with. That I can pay my bills at the end of the Month.




♥ Selling/giving away
This is going slow but steady. Keep selling something every time I put stuff up for sale. It is not much but at least it is a small income and I get more space.
♥ Taking care of things in basement

Ex is still a unicorn and I just don't have the energy to bother with the basement at the moment. I haven't been down since the flooding to take care of things, but then I saw several stuff I could sell so I should probably get cracking on that.
3/4 done 

♥ Finding a job (preferably indoors)
Suggestions are appreciated! I can work in Sweden or abroad. My resume: Eng / Swe (.pdf)
0/1 done

On hold

♥ Friendship project - on hold
3 (of 4) still needs to be photographed and shipped to their owners. I've just put the box with the bracelets in a safe place so now I can't find it.
3/4 done

♥ Earring project Z - on hold
Haven't had the time to work on this. This was mostly to inspire myself, I'm being plenty of inspired lately without it. Parts: make, photograph and put up on Etsy and deviantART.
1/4 done 

♥ Closet project - on hold

I still need to make the holes in the lids though, unsure what tools to use - an awl?

3.5/4 done
♥ Children's books project - on hold
About project: I've slowly gotten more and more disturbed that 90% of the main characters are boys in books and that if there is a girl she's wimpy and frankly not independent and cool and dare to do things. So, I started my own project where I hope to organise and make 5 children's books with girl leads. I got some people interested and planning on a meeting with a printing company soon.
0/4 done

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My picks for the Oscars

I really, really, really, hope Boyhood will steal the whole Oscars and win every category they are nominated in (doubtful). What I really do hope is that they win for original screenplay and best picture, it is just such an amazing movie with lots of effort put into it (filmed over 12 years with the same cast). You can find all the nominees here.

Best picture: Boyhood
Note: I really really want this to win but I don't think it will, sadly.

Actor (lead): Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) or Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything)
Note: first one because he is a fantastic actor in general but I have not seen the movie, the other because he seem to be doing a fantastic job from the snippets I saw at the trailer (must see movie!).

Actress (lead): Reese Witherspoon (Wild)
Note: I have only seen the trailer and it seems to be a really interesting movie with the focus on woman's hike in the wild alone and I have the utmost respect for Reese as an actress and therefore I am hoping on this.

Actor (support):
Ethan Hawke (Boyhood)
Note: needless to say anything really

Actress (support): Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

Animated feature film:
Song of the Sea
Note: this is among the most beautiful animations ever, it is like an eye orgasm.

Cinematography: Ida, Mr Turner or The Grand Budapest Hotel
Note: No clue what to pick here but these are my bets from what I have seen

Costume design: Into theWoods or Maleficent
Note: I simply like the costumes in these two

Directing: Boyhood
Note: obviously

Documenary feature: Finding Vivian Maier
Note: a very fascinating photographer and I just loved the documentary about her, very intriguing.

Documentary short subject: ?
Note: cannot even guess, have not heard about any of them

Film editing: Boyhood

Foreign language film: Ida
Note: This is the one I have seen anything from and I really think it can win, it is beautifully made.

Makeup and hairstyling: Guardians of the Galaxy
Note: Just a guess

Music (original score): ?
Note: I have not heard any of the music, so no clue

Music (original song:): ?
Note: same reason as the one before

Production design: Mr Turner, The Grand Budapest Hotel or Interstellar
Note: I am hoping for the first two but I have a feel it might be Interstellar instead (or another one)

Short film animated: ?
Note: not seen, so no clue

Short film live action: ?
Note: same as the one above

Sound editing: ?
Note: *shrug*

Sound mixing: ?
Note: *shrug*

Visual effects: o.o no clue
Note: This one is way too hard to pick between the nominees, I cannot decide

Writing (adapted screenplay): The Theory of Everything
Note: because I like it and it seem really beautifully written

Writing (original screenplay): Boyhood
Note: obviously, I really hope it wins this!

Scheduled post.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The sign of a creative person: a messy desk

I read an article about messy room = creative people. I found that interesting since my desk is such a mess and I have a long, long, long time ago let go of the idea that I would see more actual table surface. My mum, when I still lived at home, gave me many sighs and remarks about it (and my room) but I told her every time that I had an organised disorganisation, which is true because I can always find what I need.

A quote from the article:
Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs, from the University of Minnesota, who set out to debunk this urban legend, didn’t confine her study to solely the desk. No, Vohs, clearly a creative mind, chose to think outside the desk. She just sounds messy. The creative kind of messy. Using a paradigm consisting of one messy room and one tidy room, and a series of trials, Vohs concluded that messy rooms provoke more creative thinking – and provided scientific evidence!

What I also found interesting was that I am not alone; Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs also had desks which looked like something exploded on it. Also as Einstein said "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?" so at least my mind is full of fantastic ideas, amazing solutions to problems and mind blowing dreams.

So, with this in mind I thought I'd give you a list of the 10 weird (not natural things that should be there) things I have on my desk as I write this:
1. a bandaid
2. a battery charger
3. two bowls in different sizes, one with the leftovers of popcorn and the other with crumbs from chips
4. nail file
5. a pile of table cloths
6. one mug
7. one glass
8. a henna kit
9. a cardboard cut out from a package I have sent
10. an old list of items on sale that week in the grocery store (now thrown)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My motivational letter for Atelier Gwangju 2015

With more time I could have probably written something more fantastic but deadline is tomorrow and I wanted to get my application in today so I wouldn't miss my chance. I do think it sums up how I feel pretty well though. My motivational letter:

My dream since at least a decade have been to organise the next Woodstock 1969 - the festival that everyone knows about even those like me who was not even born yet.

My dream is to be a music festival organiser. Why? Because I just love the moment before you open and let the audience in, the tension in the air, it is just like the second before you walk out on stage - an adrenaline rush! It is something about walking around in the mud and hear music all over the place, even the smell from the portable toilets add to the feel - it makes me feel home and happy.

I love being in charge, solving problems and thinking outside the box. I therefore took my B.A. in cultural administration since it took me on step closer to my dream. Attending Atelier Gwangju would be the next vital step for me, the step I have been looking for in my pursuit of trying to get into the festival world.

Right now I am on the outside looking in, this would be my chance to get into the world I want to belong to. I believe this is a chance of a life time and if you accept me I will make the most out of it - I will make it my stepping board to greatness.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nervous about tomorrow

In 12 hours I am on one of my most important meetings ever, I am at a test photo shoot for possibly becoming the stylist of a hobby store here in Sweden. I am excited and nervous. An hour or so ago I sobbed a bit on skype when talking with my boyfriend about it, about how nervous I am and how everyone is telling me I can do this because it is something they think I am good at while I am doubting and panic and feel like "OMG what have I done?!" by applying to this job.

In other words, I should definitely do this. It will make me grow. A couple of quotes comes to mind:

"If it doesn't scare you a little, it's not worth doing."
"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."
"If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try."
"Nothing truly great ever came from a comfort zone."
"A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot."
"Do one thing every day that scares you."

I can totally do this. I can do this. I CAN DEFINITELY DO THIS. Yes. I. Can.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Annual book sale nerdery [2015]

So, despite better judgement I went through the lists of books for sale at the two biggest online book stores (as I do every year) and got the hefty list of 34 books I liked, which means books for 1698 SEK! I downsized it and let go of some books I kind of wanted and is now down to 12 books for 560 SEK which is still over my budget but I cannot decide which other books to drop.

For someone who doesn't have a love story with books since childhood this might be strange but to me it is the woes of February - every year, because every year is it a national book sale in Sweden that starts on the other half of February.

Usually I buy most of my books during this book sale, the book fair in Gothenburg (the two times I have been there) and second hand. That and the course literature at university is what has for the most part stocked my three book shelves.

Last year I gave myself a bunch of books as birthday gift with the money I had gotten from my parents and grandma. This year I hope to find a money tree somewhere so I can buy at least something (preferably a money tree with 560 SEK on it).


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