Sunday, January 08, 2017

Review of Bitten [spoilers]

[Yes, as usual, spoilers]

Just finished Bitten and I have to say it grew on me... in the last couple of episodes. The second half of the third season were tighter, better storytelling and execution. It's like they had growing pains for 2,5 seasons instead of just 1 to 1,5 seasons as most other TV series do.

The fight scenes got better, less of the "let's throw in a sex scene here just because" and other weirdness like standing around talking or not running after someone*. I have to say though that I think it's good it didn't get renewed for a fourth season, it was pretty much done after this - neatly wrapped up.

I said before that it wasn't worth more than 2,5-3 stars and well with the last episodes in mind I will up that to 3,5. If I would just grade depending on the last few episodes I think I might have stretched as far as 4 stars even.

At least I can say it was worth watching it all, even though I at times wondered if it was. It got better with time, even if it took a very long time for it to do so. Not the worst I've seen but not the best either. It had it moments definitely.

Despite the reeking sexism in this show there was a nice moment there, when they all accepted Elena as alpha and I also liked how Clay accepted it. I am so darn tired of seeing shows were the woman get higher status than the man and he gets all cranky about it, was nice to see this.

And last, I want to mention Greg Bryk who really made Jeremy Danvers come to life. I was sad with him, I was frustrated with him and I found him to be an intriguing character. That was some really nice acting.

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*I am especially referring to season two finale. So many frustrating times where they like "yeah let's stand around here talking instead of running after the bad guy".

Comment on Bitten s3ep5 [Spoilers]


Just finished watching Bitten season 3 episode 5 and I am so darn frustrated. Come on, Jeremy, would it have been too hard to have faked some humour? Or you know, find a funny bone somewhere inside?!

It would have been so easy to be like "Werewolves?! *laugh* They don't exist, you must have hallucinated! That's just crazy!" instead of going "I am a werewolf just like the boy you saw". Sigh. I mean, I know it would be against character but still, so damn frustrating! She was almost scot free and then she had to blurb her thoughts out...

I get they need to keep their secret but really, they need to be able to trust some humans I feel - for example mothers of their children (like several men seemed to have done, for example Antonio and Sasha). Too much paranoia about their secret going to be spilled.

But really, it's not THAT easy to tell the world "Hey, these people are werewolves" and get the world to go "Oh, really, I believe you" if these werewolves stay in human form and say "Nah, crazy person, wtf, werewolves don't exist".

Friday, January 06, 2017

Thoughts on Bitten season 1 [SPOILERS]

[Spoilers, I mean it!]

I just finished the first season of Bitten. It seemed to have potential from what I read about it beforehand, the premise seemed interesting and I didn't have anything else to watch. However. Eh.

This show ended up being something I just watched to pass time, to have something to watch because I didn't have anything else I was more keen on. It irked me numerous times. Elena is claimed to be this werewolf who can hold her own but numerous times the men decide for her, what is best for her, to "protect" her without her getting a say. She also one minute say "I love you" to one guy just to get together with another the next. Flaky at best, liar at worst.

I don't mind a good fight or a sex scene but urgh, they prolonged them way too much sometimes. In the first episodes it almost felt like they were trying to gather in a male audience since we saw the main heroine in the nude so often either because of changing or because of sex. And some times those sexy times really didn't add anything, on more than one occasion I was wondering what was happening with another character or wanted some information instead I had to look at two people going at it, bad storytelling I say. I also got bored on more than occasion with the fight scenes, I mean nice choreographed and all but could have been slightly shorter, not THAT interesting looking at people trashing everything in sight.

It also doesn't get much points if one look at the Bechdel test since the few named women in the show Elena, the main character and only female werewolf, actually talked to she talked about men with. Most of her time was spent with other men.

I can't say much about the wolf pack concept since I'm guessing that comes from the books but seriously... the hierarchy was a bit hard to follow in the grand scheme of the werewolf world and really, to kidnap one's own child instead of letting the mother in on the secret? So shitty. Also, kidnapping one's child like that probably worked back in the day but is probably way more risky today.

I will probably watch the other two seasons too if nothing else more interesting pops up but right now this really isn't worth more than 2.5-3.0 stars in my opinion.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Reign season 3 [SPOILERS]

[There will be spoilers here, bookmark, watch the show and come back later]

So... I just finished the last episode of season 3 of Reign. Overall I felt this season was lacking a bit, it felt all over the place and rushed, like they wanted to tell too much. I liked previous seasons more. What makes me wonder how season 4 will be is the fact that they killed off two beloved characters back to back in the last episode. Ok, so we didn't see Leith die all together, there is still a very slim chance but from the setup with Claude with her dress and him lying on the ground bleeding his gut out it seems he probably is dead (or it might be a rouse), but season 4 will tell.

Greer went away with her husband earlier in the season, Lola was beheaded (how I cried!) and Leith stabbed. I loved Leith and Claude together, I wanted to explore their story more especially since we lost the love story between Francis and Mary in this season too (which I surprisingly miss).

Greer and Lola were favourites of mine. I wanted more of their stories. I wanted more of Lola and Narcisse. I wanted more overall for this season! Ugh. If they keep knocking off characters like this who will be left? I mean, even Bash left, do we even get to follow him next season?

Also, nothing against the actress herself but Rachel Skarsten really don't fit as Elizabeth I. Maybe it's just costume, hair and makeup that does it but when I see her she doesn't seem regal enough, not enough Elizabeth... now when I think about it it's most likely hair and outfits, they don't seem as polished as for example Catherine's or Mary's, she more seem to be a fourth member of the witches in Hocus Pocus.

Another also! What's up with Elizabeth throwing around the word patriarchy? It sounded more like the writers wanted to appease or attract young feminists because really it could have been said in so many other ways rather than actually straight forward saying that they live in a patriarchal world (several times). Poor writing.

Conclusion. I'm unsure about upcoming season 4. They better step up their game.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

My reading list 2016

2016 really wasn't a good reading year for me. I just wasn't feeling it most of the time, instead I spent a lot of my time watching TV series  on Netflix.

My book goal in 2017 is 20 books, I hope to reach that!

My goal in 2016 though was 12 books which I did reach if you include rereading Let it snow and exclude the two unfinished books. So... not as bad as I thought.

The star system:
* = finished it for the heck of it but it was bad, ***** = AMAZEBALLZ


(w.52, 2015-) Just Kids by Patti Smith [reading, no idea why I haven't finished this yet because I loved it!]


w.18 (one day) Plan B by Jonathan Tropper ****

w.19 (24h) The ballroom class by Lucy Dillon ****
w.20 After you by Jojo Moyes ****

w.27 (few hours) Goth girl and the ghost of a mouse by Chris Riddell ****
w.28 The postmistress by Sarah Blake ***
w.29 A teaspoon of earth and sea by Diana Nayeri *****
w.30 Goth Girl and the Fete Worse Than Death by Chris Riddell ***

w.30- Den lysande världen by Siri Hustvedt [reading]

w.31 Goth girl and the Wuthering Fright by Chris Riddell ****

w.41 En annan resa by Lotta Olsson ***
w.41-42 Flora & Ulysses: the illuminated adventures by Kate DiCamillo ****
w.42 All the bright places by Jennifer Niven ***

No reading since I'm participating in NaNoWriMo

Reread Let it snow story 1 by Maureen Johnson (going to be a tradition!)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Together we can change the world in 2017

It's just 18h left of 2016 as I sit down to write this. I don't know what to say about this year, at the same time I have something to say otherwise I wouldn't sit here writing.

2016 have been devoured by death and misery, so much of it in the news that the victories we've made over the year for wrongly imprisoned people, the climate and everything in between have been swallowed up. The last few days I've gotten newsletters from all kinds of organisations I sign petitions for or follow with news of victories, that 2016 wasn't so bad. I want to focus on that yet there are people dying, starving, being raped right now all over the world.

Syria is still at war, Sweden is still selling weapons and the US have voted for a man who doesn't believe in climate change, who is sexist, who is racist and so on. Our world is in turmoil. It feels like we cannot go a certain amount of years before we want to wreck havoc. We can apparently not live on this earth without destroying oceans, killing each other and animals.

Despite all that I hope for a better 2017. Despite all that I must believe it will be better.

2016, the year many says we will want to forget in the future. Maybe. But I think it's important to remember when we are at our low, not forget because then we remake the same mistakes. I don't know though how to fix all the shit we've done in the past year, all the shit we've done nothing to change.

All I can focus on is to do my part. I have signed more petitions than I can count and shared more than I can count. I will continue to do so because it's my way to change things, because together we're strong, together we can change the world. I believe that we can stand against hate if we want, if all of us who is against it speak up instead of standing idle by as our peers vote for hate, throws around hate and grow hate in their hearts.

Who is with me?
Who dares to say something when a friend say a sexist joke? when a friend says racist comments? when a friend spews hate on LGBTQ+ people? when a friend...

Together we make the world better, one step at a time. Together the hate will not fester, together the hate will not overrun the world, together we can stand up for what is right.

Let's stand together in 2017.

Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Quiz 2017

I created this quiz three years ago and it's now a tradition for me to do at the end of every year, hopefully this coming year a lot of it will come true because honestly the last two didn't. If you want to do this quiz please credit me :)

1. What are you going to do different in 2017 compared to 2016?
I'm going to move. I cannot stay in this shit hole another year, not another cold autumn/winter in this apartment. I'm going swimming in ocean and/or lake in the summer, didn't get a chance to this year because of shitty summer weather. Have a job (can't stress this one enough)!

2. Is there anything you missed in 2016 that you want in 2017?
Hanging out with friends
A job/money
A more peaceful world

3. Biggest wish right now?
To move and to get a job - tied first place.
Buy a dog - second place.

4. What movie/TV series/album/book/game do you look forward to?
Guardians of the Galaxy II
Beauty & the Beast
Wonder Woman

TV series are too many to list! No idea about music/book/game releases for 2017

5. What will you do to get better in your craft?
Doing all of them more regularly. *cough cough*

6. What will you do to get closer to your hopes and dreams?
Continue to apply to jobs. Try to get an internship if I can't get a job so I can get some experience. I need a foot in asap!
Photograph the jewellery I have and upload it to etsy (or other site).

7. What one thing would you like to do in 2017?


8. If 2017 was your last year alive what would you do?
Travel. Visit my parents. Write a will and write letters to those I love. Do something for others.

9. What do you want more of in 2017?
Money, friends, love, yoga, fun. Oh and a better world.

10. What do you want less of in 2017?
Loneliness, death and hate.

11. At the end of 2017 where would you like to see yourself both career wise and in your personal life?
Career: Permanent job
Personal life: Being able to hang out with friends irl

12. Do you see any changes coming or will your life stay the same the coming year? Explain your reasoning.
It better be, this year and the year before was rather underwhelming with no big changes (barely any changes at all actually). I also hope to get my first tattoo in 2017, that's always something! I just need to figure out how to pay for it first... and where it should be xD

13. If you could be someone else in 2017, who would you be and why?
If 2017 end up like 2016 I'd rather be whoever else than me as long as they have a well balanced life (on another planet).

14. What will you do to make the world a better place in 2017?
Continue to sign petitions, give to charity when I can and stand up for what is right and take the arguments when someone is royally stupid/hateful/misogynist/etc. instead of standing idly by.

15. What would you like to dare to do in 2017?
Get my first tattoo
Accept a job offer

16. Sum up your goal/dream/hope for 2017 in one sentence.That my life will change for the better.

Bonus: If you did this quiz in 2016 how did your prediction go?
I had some hopes and dreams for 2016 and much of it didn't happen, my life have been stuck this whole year with no big changes except that I now have bangs and for a short while had an extra hole in my earlobe (which is no more since the piercer made it crooked, so I let it close up, should redo it). I hope my prediction for 2017 will be better, mostly because I will go insane if things stays the same yet another year.

Want to answer? Do it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Doubting my INFJness

So I stumbled over a website which claimed that people who think they are INFJ probably really aren't, they're probably INFP and there was a link to a test which should truly be the most correct out there. Ok, so I read the article and did the test and ended up being INFP so I redid it and I got INFP again, so I started to randomize my answers and still got INFP... no matter how many times I did it. The best I got was approx 50/50 between INFJ and INFP. So of course I started to doubt if I truly am INFJ. Though I don't know how reliable a test is if you only get one out of two when you randomize your answers, but still.

Naturally I started to read up on INFP and yeah well some of it kinda fit... but I never got that creepy feeling I get when reading on INFJ that the stuff fits so well. I of course did this after an exhausting social day (not good since I'm an introvert) while being sleepy... which wasn't my best idea. I mean, I read several article where they're like "here you see the very big differences between these two" and I was like, eh... I don't see it?

I just felt more and more confused as I read on, like I could agree to some parts on the INFP but those seemed to be a lot of the parts that are similar to INFJ, which just made me more confused. I went back to one of the tests I've taken in the past and read up on INFP and INFJ there because I remember reading about INFJ there and feeling "woah". So I thought if the INFP fits even better than INFJ I would feel an even bigger "woah".

I started by reading the INFP page and was like "Eh I'm not feeling it?" and proceeded to read the INFJ page and went "Yes, yes!". But since I had managed to make myself so insecure by googling around I did the test again and yes, it ended up being a strong INFJ as usual. Judging got 79%, totally crushing that little P.

So, now I feel at ease again. :)


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